Rahu – Ketu Transit 2014 - 2015


Planetary transit of Rahu and Ketu happens every year and like all other planets they too keep moving through the Zodiac signs. Like planetary transit of Saturn, transit of these two shadow planets are also apprehended with fear and misgiving. And such suspicions lead people to simplistic and naïve ways of dealing with their fears instead of opening channels of communication with the planets.

When a planet's energy is closely felt during a certain period, it is an opportunity to channelize its energy through appropriate means. Specific rituals have been suggested by ancient sages to access the energies from each planet.

Rahu and Ketu transits create powerful and intense energies – the strongest of all other planetary transits. In fact, impact of these two shadow planets is more powerful than their 'big bodied buddies' like Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and others. The current planetary transit is no exception.


Rahu – Ketu transit in 2014: On July 13th 2014, Rahu is transiting in Virgo, Ketu is transiting in Pisces. The current planetary transit will create Millionaire Yoga and Ashta Lakshmi Yoga.

Rahu in Virgo brings all kinds of success and financial abundance. Here, Rahu gets finally happy with financial abundance and therefore makes people prosperous and happy. According to Nadi astrology, Ashta Lakshmi Yoga is formed with the energy of Rahu and Jupiter. Rahu in Virgo, an exalted Jupiter in Cancer, and an auspicious Kendra house will be facing each other. Their placements will be creating the Ashta Lakshmi Yoga.

Ashta Lakshmi Yoga generates a very powerful energy that is equivalent to the blessings of eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi namely Gaja Lakshmi (signify power of Royalty), Dhana Lakshmi (signify Money), Santhana Lakshmi (signify off-spring), Aishwarya Lakshmi(signify Prosperity), Dhanya Lakshmi (signify Food), Vijayalakshmi (signify Achievement) , Dhairiya Lakshmi (signify Courage), Vidya Lakshmi ( signify Learning)

Ketu in Pisces brings prosperity through acquisition of knowledge and business ventures. Pisces is the favorable sign for study of ancient knowledge and planning investments. Ketu itself is the planet that encourages learning, ancient knowledge of the Vedas, Siddha techniques and Ayurveda. According to Nadi astrology, Millionaire yoga occurs when Ketu is along with Jupiter, who is the ruler of Pisces. . In traditional astrology, it is called KELA YOGA.

Jupiter in the sign Cancer which is in the North direction and Ketu in Pisces, also in North direction, will be creating the yoga. Moreover, the planet Jupiter in its exalted state will be aspecting Ketu which is an added advantage. These two factors will create the Millionaire yoga.


The Shadow Planets: In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets or Chayagrahas. They are called shadow planets because they are not physical planets like Saturn, Venus or Jupiter, but the nodal points of the Moon where Moon's orbit crosses the elliptical path of the Earth travelling around the Sun. As noticed from Earth, the Sun and the Moon, the two biggest luminaries of Vedic astrology having the most prominent influence over other planets, tend to shadow each other at these points.

The Karmic Planets: In Vedic astrology, Rahu and Ketu are also known as the Karmic planets. They are said to influence everyone based on their individual Karma - those thoughts that have been ingrained in the person's brain and psyche over many cycles of soul's birth. So, Rahu and Ketu unfold past Karmas of an individual in those affairs of his or her life which come under those Houses where they are placed.

The Most Powerful Nodes: Rahu is the ascending or North Node of the Moon and Ketu is the descending or South Node of the Moon. Eclipses take place at these Nodes. The two luminaries coming closer to each other create havoc in space – an intense transformation of energy.

Planets in Vedic astrology are called Grahas or the intense forces. The two nodes of Rahu and Ketu also create intense energies that affect human life. So intense is the energy produced by the conjoined forces of the Sun and the Moon at the two nodes that Hindu Mythology narrates it as a story of Rahu and Ketu always trying to engulf the Sun and the Moon.

Rahu and Ketu are always in retrograde motion to other planets. This means they are always moving in the opposite direction to the physical planets.

Mythology of Rahu and Ketu

Rahu and Ketu are always diagonally placed in a natal chart that means if Rahu is in 11th House in one's chart, Ketu will be in 5th House. They also move diagonally to each other while transiting from one sign to another. On July 13th 2014, as Rahu is transiting in Virgo, Ketu is transiting in Pisces.

The demon who stole nectar of immortality from Gods: Once the Demons and Gods were churning the Ocean of Milk, and the event is known as Samudra Manthan in Hindu mythology. Both the Gods and the demons were engaged in strife to secure the divine nectar of immortality. A demon secretly got hold of a portion of the nectar and began to drink it. Sun and Moon noticed this and they were alarmed that the demon will become immortal. The Gods panicked and sent Mohini, the female avatar of Vishnu to prevent him from drinking the nectar. When the demon had already taken the nectar, Mohini cut off his head before the nectar could percolate into his body.

Embodiment of Rahu and Ketu: The severed head of the demon came to be called Rahu which remained immortal. Time and again Rahu swallows the Sun creating eclipse. The body attained an individual identity called Ketu which, time and again swallows the Moon causing lunar eclipse.

Nature of Rahu and Ketu complement each other: Rahu represent materialistic pleasure and Ketu spiritual liberation. Rahu's head was cut off by Mohini but he retained the nectar of true happiness, the Amrita. So Rahu encourages humans to indulge in materialistic pleasures of life while Ketu the headless body brings about spiritual transformations. Without the head or brain Ketu fails to be logical or to think rationally, it is liberated from any attachments.