Be In Harmony With Rahu & Ketu, the Carriers of Your Karma

Rahu is an ascending node of the Moon, whereas Ketu is the descending one. Although they are not physical planets, they are an important part of Navagrahas (the 9 Planets). The word ‘Graha’ actually means to grab. It’s because they grab and attach us to our karma just like the planets. However, they do not rule over signs, or houses, like the other planets.


According to Hindu Mythology, these planets represent the serpent. They determine the darker side of our nature which we need to overcome. It is along the Rahu /Ketu axis that the main forces of karmic desires are determined. It is necessary to know the Karmic significance of Rahu-Ketu as it exists in natal chart.

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Significance of Rahu and Ketu

Rahu is the planet of materialism which bestows your life with enormous material gains. If it is well positioned, it favors for peace and happiness, good health and wealth, great recognitions and achievements. But its unfavorable positioning might cause mental agony, loss of position, legal hassles, misfortune, and even misunderstandings in your relationships.

Ketu, on the other hand, will deprive a person of the benefits of the house it is transiting and force a person to think on a higher plane. It can result in turning the mind inwards to seek the ultimate truth. If the position of Ketu is not well placed then it could lead to depression, criminal activities, confusion, lack of confidence and other health issues.

Beneficial Transit of Rahu and Ketu on 6th June

The transit of Rahu and Ketu marks the time for good fortunes in life. It helps you to reach the higher levels in financial and spiritual standards. You can resolve the effects of your karma accordingly to maintain the equilibrium between the material and spiritual aspects.

The 'Snake Planets', Rahu and Ketu, are each winding into new houses on June 6th. Rahu transits into the sign of Scorpio and Ketu will transit into the sign of Taurus. It is necessary to identify the favorable and unfavorable effects of Rahu/Ketu transit for your respective moon sign and perform the powerful rituals accordingly to obtain its maximum benefits.

The positions of Rahu & Ketu are mathematical intersection points between the Moon and the Earth’s course around the Sun. When the earth wobbles, it would appear that the Moon had slightly shifted its position roughly upto 1 degree. The 1 degree wobble happens in 2 months.

Even though the first touch of Rahu and Ketu to the sign Scorpio and Taurus, respectively happens in May 2nd, 2013, the main transit is happening on June 6th with might have a great impact on your life. This is not new to planetary transits. Even the transits of Jupiter and Saturn can be felt by you up to several months prior to their transit date as they approach their new sign, but certainly once the planets are in the sign fully, their impacts are indisputable.

Favorable Moon Signs for Rahu/Ketu Transit

Aries Taurus Cancer Virgo Scorpio Capricorn

-Rahu in 6th & Ketu in 12th house
  • Increase in self-effort and thus success in service
  • Support through employees and colleagues in service
  • Success in litigation and court cases
  • Repayment of loan and debt
  • Gain through old friends and women
  • Success in sports activities and conjugal bliss
  • Success in competition and elections
  • Opposition through near relatives
  • Physical trouble or separation from wife
  • Deprived from rightful positions
  • Health troubles related to ulcers, abdomen and teeth could bother
-Rahu in 5th & Ketu in 11th house
  • New romantic love affairs/foreign relationship will bring happiness
  • Gain through spouse and children
  • Monetary gain through speculation, shares and lotteries
  • Increase in creative activity and artistic pursuits
  • Blessed with progeny
  • Unemployed will get employed
  • 7. Possibility of love marriage
  • 8. success in higher studies or foreign journey for further higher studies
  • Change in job/service
  • Separation and health related problems to mother
  • Less fortune to the father
  • Misunderstanding with spouse
  • Unsteady mind and indecisiveness
  • Troubles to/from children and friends
-Rahu in 3rd & Ketu in 9th house
  • Gain through relations and siblings
  • Short journeys to the south/south-west and west direction
  • Spiritual initiation and philanthropic works
  • Fulfilment of desired works even if the midst of serious hindrances and obstacles
  • Rise in fortune and finance is in the offing
  • Gain through rebellious writing and publishing activities
  • Separation from family members
  • Physical troubles to siblings
  • Distress in foreign country
  • Troubles through low class people in the society
  • Problems to father
-Rahu in 12th & Ketu in 6th house
  • Resides in the foreign country
  • Promotion in service/job
  • Victory over secret enemies
  • Profits from new foreign allegations
  • Interested in mystical and occult sciences
  • Increase in intuitional and prophetic dreams
  • Health troubles especially related to eyes, stomach and mental anguish
  • Troubles to friends/separation from friends
  • Health ailments to spouse
  • Loss in business and misunderstanding with partners.
  • Danger to children and loss in speculation, shares and lotteries
  • Troubles through litigation. Fear of imprisonment or confinement
-Rahu in 11th & Ketu in 5th house
  • Gain through new friendship
  • Expansion of business and definite profit
  • Gain through speculation, lotteries and shares
  • Unexpected success in any activities and profit from them
  • Birth of daughter brings happiness
  • Victory in election and thus gain through social life
  • Unfavorable period for elders and elder siblings
  • Trouble to mother, children and friends
  • Disease in ear, feet and upper abdomen
  • Loss in monetary transaction
-Rahu in 9th & Ketu in 3rd house
  • Fruitful foreign travel
  • Possibility of marriage of siblings
  • Name and fame and elevation in position
  • Educational success and pursuing higher studies
  • Father's health would be a concern
  • Separation from siblings
  • Invlovment in litigation could bring trouble
  • Change of profession
  • Inclination towards different religion

Unfavorable Moon Signs for Rahu/Ketu Transit

Aries Taurus Cancer Virgo Scorpio Capricorn

-Rahu in 8th & Ketu in 2nd house
  • Inclination towards research studies
  • Gain through unusual methods like shares, lotteries and gambling
  • Gain through in-laws and inheritance
  • Birth of a son but proved troublesome for native.
  • Occult and mystical experiences
  • Mental anxiety and agitation
  • Loss of reputation and finances
  • Prolonged illness and ailments related to glands, stomach, and sex organs
  • Danger to spouse and spouse's family
  • Separation from close relatives
-Rahu in 7th & Ketu in 1st house
  • Success in public life and social reputation
  • Gain through business and spouse
  • Marriage and conjugal happiness
  • Gain and help through siblings
  • Victory over opponents and sudden increase in business
  • Separation from wife and relatives
  • Ill health to you and spouse and loss of appetite
  • Transfer to undesirable places in service
  • Trouble in family affairs
  • Loss in service and less cooperation through colleagues
-Rahu in 4th & Ketu in 10th house
  • Acquisition of immovable property , house and conveyances through legacies or through lotteries
  • Domestic happiness
  • Success in educational pursuits
  • Gain from mother and litigation.
  • Unsteady/ fickle mind could bother
  • Accidents through vehicles
  • Loss of wealth through thieves and fraud in dealing
  • New ventures should not be started before completing the current
  • Separation from or danger to siblings
-Rahu in 2nd & Ketu in 8th house
  • Sudden improvement in financial condition
  • Contact with influential people in the society especially in foreign places
  • Good name and fame in society
  • More practical and endurance and perseverance
  • Physical troubles and ailments related to eyes, mouth and face
  • Separation from spouse and loss of reputation of spouse
  • Fear of assaults and defame from family members
  • Opposition from Public.
-Rahu in 1st & Ketu in 7th house
  • Peace of mind and fame and increase in self-confidence
  • Possibility of marriage
  • Planning for business will be successful
  • Gain of power and position in the office
  • Health troubles
  • Loss of strength and courage
  • Opposition and troubles through relatives and colleagues
  • Ill health to wife and son
-Rahu in 10th & Ketu in 4th house
  • Sudden gain of position in service
  • Gain in social life by being leader of masses
  • Involvement in research activities
  • Favor from superiors especially foreign superiors and journey related to professional activities
  • Victory in election and legal matters
  • Instability and changes in profession/service
  • Instability at home and quarrels between the family members
  • Unnecessary expenditure in different accounts
  • Danger to parents and elder siblings
  • Loss in business and ill health to child

What You Can Do?

The effects of transit depend on how you respond to your favorable and unfavorable situations. Rahu has a positive side, for offering great boons in communications, new inventions, technology, etc. He is extroverted, affirming, and ambitious, while Ketu is introverted, negating and detached.

Usually, these nodes are seen as malefic planets; however in traditional astrology there is a dictum, "A malefic when placed in an uncomfortable position will fetch you unadulterated fortune." This applies to the transit of Rahu this year as Rahu is a malefic and enters a malefic house (for Rahu that is Scorpio) so it is inevitable that it will bring the unadulterated fortune in your life.

Planetary Significance and Benefits

This planetary shift brings great potential for maintaining good financial status that is not to be seen again for another 15 years!

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  • The sign Scorpio is the 8th House of the Natural Zodiac and Taurus is the 2nd House in the Natural Zodiac. The 8th House signifies unearned wealth, inheritance and unexpected fortune, whereas the 2nd House represents monetary income, good communication and wealth.

  • The 8th House supplies the needs and comforts to the 2nd House of wealth, thereby complementing it. The sages consider that Ketu is a suction point and Rahu as discharge point. So, the wealth that Rahu sends to the 2nd House is kept as a store house by Ketu in the form of accumulated fortune, which is bestowed to you by means of great material prosperity.

This planetary shift also brings great opportunity to maintain your Karmic equilibrium between your material and spiritual aspects.

During this transit, we have access to the mysteries of Rahu and Ketu, the “Carriers of Karma.” Rahu is the Fortune Giver, while Ketu is the Wisdom Giver. Rahu will give you the complete material comforts which can exceed beyond your imagination.

Ketu will lead you on the spiritual path giving you an excessive spiritual wisdom. This way you will learn the balance of material and spiritual standards.

Rahu and Ketu determine the potentiality and possibilities of your destination in life through your own karmic balances. Just as the nucleus of a cell carries genetic baggage in the form of a DNA strand, the nucleus of a horoscope is the Rahu/Ketu axis and it carries our karma or soul genetics. You can access the energy of these influential forces in the Birth Chart through your sincere prayers.

Perform rituals to Rahu & Ketu to maintain harmony and gain their blessings for a great future.